Todd Richter Sponsors Foster Program

Todd Richter

Much of Todd Richter’s life is about the financial world. He’s become one of Wall Street’s leading healthcare analysts in the last few decades. Currently, he works as managing director in the global healthcare investment banking group at Bank of America. His entire profession is based on financial trends, strategic moves and monetary healthcare changes.

But his private life includes one of the world’s most precious and appreciated pets — dogs.

A chance encounter with a small pup named Henry led to Richter bringing this once very sick, malnourished, near-death dog into his home. That’s not all Richter got through when adopting Henry. He also made a vital connection to the adoption agency, Bideawee. The shelter was founded more than 100 years ago in Manhattan and still thrives today. And Richter? He acts as vice chair of strategic planning on its Board of Directors. Also, he helped to found and finance the Bideawee Todd Richter Foster Program, which allows potential pet owners and those who want to help yet cannot adopt to foster animals in need across Manhattan and the greater New York area.

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