Todd Richter Likes to Pass on His Gratitude to Others

Todd B. Richter

Over the years, many have praised Todd Richter for his passionate support of the securities analysis industry that has brought him so much success. That, in addition to works alongside his willingness to share his talents and his knowledge of financial issues with the next generation every chance he gets. The Richter Fund is practically the embodiment of everything Todd Richter believes in. That is one reason why the endowments the fund provides are so incredibly far-reaching. His greatest hope is to ensure that future generations of securities analysts continue to survive and thrive and provide the knowledge and education that makes individuals, families and companies economically viable forever, or at least as long as is necessary.

There are a number of reasons why Todd B. Richter has come to be considered one of thebest securities analysts in the world. He is especially adept when it comes to his analyses of the healthcare industry. It’s also no wonder why he chose that industry to study, above all. He is known to have a strong philanthropic streak, which means he has a strong ability to care abut people. Todd originally established the Todd B. Richter Fund with a mission of helping people in many ways. The Richter Fund has established many endowments that serve to support the Kelley School at Indiana University, which happens to be where Todd went to business school, to provide support for their projects to provide a healthy financial education to as many as possible.

For example, one Richter Fund endowment establishes and fully funds two professorships in the field of securities analysis. They also provide , as well as a series of graduate fellowships in the same area, thus ensuring that the study of securities and overall financial issues continues unabated forever. There are also endowments in support of the Kelley School’s Graduate Finance Department and to directly support that Department’s Dean. In all, Todd’s support comes to more than $5 million every year.

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