Todd B. Richter Receives Praise from Peers

Todd B. Richter

On the heels of creating a $5 million fund to benefit students and professors within the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, Todd B. Richter is receiving positive praise and commentary from his peers at the midwest institution. Richter recently established the Todd B. Richter Fund with a multi-million dollar estate commitment that benefits five endowments specific to financial education.

Said Rick Dupree, executive director of development, about Richter’s generous contribution to the Kelley School, “Todd is one of the Kelley School’s most strategic and thoughtful donors. He knows the School inside out, having been an active recruiter of our talent and dedicated alumnus for many years. He knew precisely what he wanted to do with his gift to the Kelley School.”

Indiana University’s Dean Daniel C. Smith shared similar sentiments, “Todd Richter, through his extraordinary generosity and passionate support, actively lives out all the values that the Kelley School holds dear. His gifts of time and talent to the school are far-reaching … The Richter Fund embraces the qualities of these gifts and ] will ensure that future generations of the Kelley community will come to know Todd and be inspired to engage with the School as he has done and continues to do.”

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