Supporting Students Akin to His Own Journey: Todd B. Richter’s Commitment

Todd B. Richter

As a successful graduate and alumnus of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, Todd B. Richter is giving back to the educational community that created a sturdy foundation for him to grow upon. He has recently endowed a $5 million fund that directly benefits professors and students within the Kelley School. Some of his endowment directives include two professorships for individuals experienced in securities analysis, graduate fellowships for those graduate students who study securities or finances and financial assistance to the Graduate Finance Department at the higher learning institution.

For Todd Richter, it is crucial to support the programs and individuals who helped him become the success that he is today. In the past, Richter has provided an alumni relationship, mentorship and volunteerism to the Kelley School. Now he takes his commitments an additional step further to contribute significantly to the growth of the programs and those students within it.

Said Dean Daniel C. Smith about Richter’s endowment fund, “Todd Richter, through his extraordinary generosity and passionate support, actively lives out all the values that the Kelley School holds dear … [The Richter Fund] will ensure that future generations of the Kelley community will come to know Todd and be inspired to engage with the School as he has done and continues to do.”